Kwan Yin

The Kwan Yin artwork and cards presented here are from one of my favorite oracle decks by Alana Fairchild.  It can be found at

Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion and Love and the protector of women and children.  She gave up Nirvana in order to stay on the Earth plane and help those who needed her the most. 

Kwan Yin is a very big part of my life and has been so for many years.  I have several Kwan Yin statues and wear a clear quartz bracelet with her image engraved into it every day.  She has been with me through a painful divorce and is there to remind me that compassion is not a bad thing or something to be afraid of.  I have been called naive in my thinking that love with conquer all but she reminds me that it takes a lot of strength to stand up for what you believe in and to not hide in the shadows so that others will accept you.

In my journey I have spent a lot of time looking for answers outside of me and she has spoken to me and said that the answers are inside and are waiting to be expressed.  In thinking that others could help me with a variety of things in my life, I have wasted time, money and energy.  I have started the process of releasing and it is huge and needs to be done alone as that attachment to things is coming from me and not other people.

I started a huge release yesterday and there was a lot of darkness despite balancing and clearning my chakras.  I know that in the end it will give me the space that I need to welcome in new things that I have been yearning for such as companionship and inner peace.  I used to think that love would complete me but I am love and love lives within me and Kwan Yin reminds me of that every day but sometimes I don't listen as I think that if I push and will something, it will happen and usually the opposite occurs and I feel hurt and let down as my expectations were not in alignment with my highest good.