Sacral Chakra- Svadhisthana

The Sacral Chaka is located right below the belly button.

It is represented by the color orange.

It is the center of creativity, sensuality, sexuality, plesaures and frustrations.

The vibrational sound for this chakra is VAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Crystals to work with to balance this chakra are carnelian, fire agate, orange aventurine.

Foods for this chakra are oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots, spaghetti squash, tangerines, papaya, mango, peach, pumpkin.

Movement- hula hooping (works the waist and stimulates the lower abdomen) with the circular movement opens the energies in the hips which in women is a center of sensuality, belly dancing (works hips, waist, abdomen and legs as well as generates the flow of sensuality throughout the whole body) and Bollywood dancing as it is fun and encourages the flow of happiness throughout the body.  The triangle and pigeon pose are yoga poses that are great for opening the sacral chakra.

Scents- sweet orange oil is fragrant with a hint of sensuality, orange scented wax cubes for the wax warmers (I found some Tuscan blood orange and it smells fantastic), tangerine, and sandalwood.

An imbalance in the sacral chakra may be experienced as drug or alcohol addiction, depression, eating disorders, and intimacy issues, such as impotence and frigidity.

The roses pictured below are tangerine roses from my rose garden and they have the most sweet, erotic, sensual scenat that I have ever smelled and truly activate the sacral chakra with not only their color but also their scent.

Sacral chakra meditations.  Focus on the picture of the roses below. Feel the orange color surround your body and then fill your sacral chakra with its energy.  Take several deep breaths and then say out loud the following affirmation: "Creativity, sensuality and passion flow through me now as I lovingly embrace my sexuality and live my life to the fullest."

You may also light an orange candle or several orange candles and look into the flame(s).  Take several deep breaths and feel the oragne energy fill your sacral chakra,  Then say the following affirmation out loud:  "Passion, creativity, sensuality and my sexuality flow freely through me now".   

For a more active meditation try a danicng meditation.  Put on some music that fills you with passion or sensuality and allow your body to sway from side to side feeling the vibration of the music enter your body.  Move in ways that make you feel sexy as the music infuses you with passion.  This type of active meditation is a powerful way to awaken your sacral chakra and will also stimulate the other chakras in the process.  It is a multi tasker :-).