Sensual Goddess

I have been channeling the color orange for several months now.   Orange is the color of the sacral chakra.  The sacral chakra embodies our sensuality, sexuality and creativity and when it is vibrant and shining those elements that it embodies can be explained as "being on fire".

I went to a Spirit retreat last weekend in Edgewood and the day started out with a Spirit dance class.  We danced together as a group and then the presenter danced.  After she was finished, she asked for volunteers.  I decided to go first as my heart pounded in my chest and my body cried, "Are you crazy?" to which my mind answered, "Yes".

I got up before a goup of seventeen women who I had never met and decided to do a sensual dance.  The presenter had a maroon hip scarf with silver coins for me to wear and put on the music.  I was expecting some great belly dance music but it was a slow jazz song.  My mind tried to change gears but my body wanted to do its own dance.  I flowed with the music as my nerves started to calm down and allowed myself to get lost in the music.  I felt energized and that my Spirit was reawakened.

The rest of the retreat was not what I expected but the dancing was liberating and I felt alive and new and that sacral chakra was singing like crazy as dancing does wonders for the sacral especially moving the hips and flowing with the melody.

The following day I did my own dance to some belly dancing music and it was fantastic.

The above picture is of a belly dancer named Rania.  I have several of her belly dance DVDs and enjoy doing the workouts with her.  This was the perfect picture and she is flowing with the color orange too.